Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I do think my downstairs neighbors are sweet little muffins, but they're annoying as shit sometimes. In the past 28 minutes they've knocked on my door five separate times even though I've told them - sternly - that they need to leave me alone because: Knock 1.) I'm tired and I need to rest, Knock 2.) I have to work, 3.) I have to work, 4.) I have to work, 5.) I have to kill myself if you don't leave me the hell alone. I feel rather guilty about about this since in those five knocks they have delivered my Christmas presents: Knock 1.) a green plastic duck, Knock 2.) a purple Hotwheels car (which incidentally had been among their Christmas presents given to them by Mono two days prior), 3.) a Hotwheels army tank (regift) and a green plastic wall sticker thing, 4.) a yellow Hotwheels (regift), 5.) three additional Hotwheels and a warning from me that I loved it all but fortheloveofgod do not knock again.

Oh my god, they're knocking as we speak, is this real life?

A bronze convertible Hotwheels with sand stuck to the windshield and a wompy front right wheel.

And now knock number seven. Max steel, that hunk you see at the top left. Also a regift and one that Angel has been talking about longingly for the last several weeks. I just texted Mono and I think his feelings are hurt.

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