Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello all my muffin friends. Meet my new puppy. Her name is Manchitas and I took her home with me last Thursday night after work. Manchitas used to live at a taco stand and would always come up and be cute for me when I passed by, and on Thursday she came and met me at the corner as I walked home from work.

Manchitas was a dirty little rag of bones but that didn't stop me from appealing to the taco stand owner's innocent daughter about the possibility of bringing her home. Phone call to Mono ensued, approval granted, leash purchased, and then I had to carry her the entire 25 minute walk home because she was afraid of the cars/pedestrians/bits of leaf blowing in the wind. I felt more than a lot ridiculous carrying this rangy mutt and had to call Mono to meet me since my arms had begun to burn from fatigue. Ever the gentleman Mono refused to touch her on arrival, claiming she "needed a bath," and "had rabies." Jealous?

Manchas has now been living with us for over a week and we're adjusting quite nicely I think.

1.) Two electronics eaten: my Mac charger and Puticlub's headphones
2.) A stuffed animal's eyepatch and parachute forcibly removed
3.) A mechanical puppy's wagging tail stilled forever
4.) Pee
5.) Poo
6.) Vomit
7.) Untold amounts of sniffing of intimate body parts

Today Manchitas and I went for a walk and stopped at a convenience store for some Coca-lite. I left her outside the open door, her leash under the leg of a chair, when mid-exchange of peso I heard a loud scraping metal against sidewalk sound. Manchas. Dragging the metal chair down the sidewalk in wild escape from a cat. Half a block and an entire neighborhood on heightened alert later, she broke free of her collar and was gone, myself and my soda in hot pursuit. Thank goodness she'd only run the two-ish blocks back home and was now waiting outside the door of our apartment complex. Now she's sleeping like an angel on the aforementioned body of the previously de-eyepatched stuffed hamster.

Nor am I aware why this hamster ever possessed an eyepatch or parachute.