Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I am thinking a little bit about writing in here once in awhile just because.

The Great Separation of 2013-2014 is winding down, with just a week and a half left in the school year. Somehow the time passed, the new school supplies turned into inch-long pencil nubs and notebooks full of poetic accounts of first graders flying airplanes to mexico where they meet godzilla and manchas and then eat tacos with chocolate cupcakes on the side after that they went to the zoo and a shark broke out and ate sra. m and then school was cancelled and all the kids went to wisconsin dells the end.

We're still working on periods and proper capitalization.

What I have to look forward to in Mexico is unemployment, humidity up the wazoo and no air conditioning, an as yet unknown date in which Mono will leave for Texas for a month and a half, and the potential for cockroaches. BUT I'll be back in Mexico, back with Mono, and back with Manchas, who is currently being trained to run after Mono through the jungle or on the rocky beaches. This is what Mono is trying to teach her and I must say I do love it, I do, I do.