Saturday, October 8, 2011

So in keeping with my theme of narcissism I'll continue to talk about myself in this little post here. To start off I want to express my rage at the fact that my keyboard sucks ass and no longer lets me type the letters 's' or 'w', so every time I need to use them it is done via cut and paste. I've also been finding myself getting unreasonably angry about picking seeds out of my grapefruit, which are cheapies down here so I eat them a lot.


This is a picture of my apartment, so you all can picture where I spend my time when I'm a lazy pieca crap. The picture is from right after I moved in so it doesn't yet have any of my personal decorative touch, like the piles of dirty laundry on my oversized bed, or the corner overflowing with teaching materials and a sweet little puppy book I took from the kids classroom. This guy's my favorite. Slowly but surely I've been amassing a collection of various cute little somethings that my younger students have given me throughout the course of the semester and now in addition to the horribly early '90s
Glamour Shot wannabe that is my family on a childhood Christmas tree hunt, I also have a hodgepodge of painstakingly drawn pictures of butterflies and smiley faces made especially for "Ticher Mega." Their hearts are in the right place. Except, maybe, Dorian, he's really just a pain in the ass.

What else is there to fill you in on. Just basic day-to-day boring stuff my schedule goes like this. Wake up, 630 or 7 depending on if I had the motivation to get my lesson plan completely settled before going to bed the night before. I'm in the school usually from about 8
to 930, sometimes longer if I have a private lesson. Come back to my apartment, maybe run some errands, go for a long walk with Nora after which I'm sweaty and disgusting and in need of a shower before I go back into the school at 3 for my little kids class. Then I have another little break before another kids class and two adult classes. Home by 930, lather, rinse, repeat.

I take full ownership of the fact that my actual work hours are light, but unfortunately I'm a pretty slow lesson planner so that takes up a considerable amount of my time. The other courses at my school came with ready-made curriculums and lessons, but mine just came with a (rather disorganized) course book and I had to figure it out from there. My nine and ten-year-olds class is even worse and I have to come up with those plans from scratch, without even a book. I kind of enjoy these guys though, and Matthew said I'm the best kids teacher the school has had. :) Matthew knows very little about what goes on within the walls of his school, and even less about teaching in general, but I'm choosing to take the compliment anyway. On another occasion he told me he couldn't be "more happier" with my teaching. The man owns an English language school, people.

One time Matthew came into my classroom after one of my lessons. He does the half hour Práctica session after each class, during which time the students are drilled in whatever point we'd worked on in the lesson. Matthew asked me what they'ed covered and I told him we'd worked on the future tense with 'going to.' As in, "Tomorrow I'm 'going to' kill myself when I have to sort out the confusion that will result from Matthew's práctica." His response was to ask whether that was something we could really say in English. "Woah, I thought that was just a Minnesota thing." Matthew's a native English speaker from, like, Burnsville or one of those whereabouts.

Do you understand why I made this a private blog?


  1. Because of the family picture?

  2. no, that's just why i moved out of the country