Thursday, August 11, 2011

I just got done teaching a Spanish class to two guys from Arkansas and now I'm sitting in my classroom looking up pictures to illustrate the conditional tense: Would you rather be blind, or have perfect vision bas a cyclops? Discuss.

Things are good in Cozumel-land. Still drippingly hot and sunny and tropical with a faint to non-existant breeze unless I'm lying beachside. I do that often enough, though, and the water here can only be described as nearly as good as Turkish coffee. The other day we went to the east side of the island and the ocean was so calm and clear that we could see out forever. My favorite spot to be on this island is with my head half-submerged in the water so that I have at eye-level the crystal clear horizon of the sea against a sky that looks purple in comparison. Wet Wendy's with it's giant margaritas is a pretty nice spot as well.

I had some frightening mishaps this week. One night I came home to find not one, not two, but three cucarachas. After a panicked text message to my military friend confirming he was at work and therefore could not kill the bastard, I did some dirty work with a flip-flop and went to bed for a long and sleepless night. It can't have been as bad a day as my student Raul had, however. Twelve-year-old Raul told me woefully that morning that el destino es cruel - destiny is cruel. His girlfriend of three and a half years (you're twelve! that puts you back to infancy!) had broken up with him that weekend and he could barely keep it together for our lesson on trees and mountains. Muy triste.

Busy busy busy. Time to get back to work.

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