Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eweewweweweweeeweewewwww. Today in the middle of my morning class I was drilling my students on irregular past tense verbs when along came a hideous glaring mess of gross. There, right there, on the floor not three feet in front of me was a disgusting something scuttling his way across the classroom floor. I fell silent, staring at the ground as I scrambled on top of a stool. I can only imagine the expressions on my students faces, as I could no longer look at them and had left off speaking mid-sentence. My eyes widened, my heart beat faster, my arms tickled with nervous energy. CUCARACHA!!!

Thank god one of my students was brave enough to stamp his foot. It didn't even occur to me to do that as all I could think of was "Bug Spray? Where's bug spray?" In the half hour Práctica lesson that another teacher leads following my class, the subject was brought up again. My class is working on past tense and she had asked them to describe something embarrassing that happened. The bug stomper described me. Thanks guys, real sweet.

I'm starting to like this morning class more and more. There's one woman in there who thinks she's a hotshot and is too good for the class and I've found that now that I've been personally checking papers and not just correcting out loud to the whole class, she's more humble. It always pleases me to find mistakes she's made and it makes for a more peaceful class so everybody wins.

Today we had a rather long pause in the lesson spent on pronouncing the word "showed." One student kept saying "chode," which, as you may or may not know, is a slang word for penis. Several days prior a student asked me what "tidy" means. I told him it was ordenar. He got an embarrassed look on his face which I did not understand until someone else questioned "orinar?" No, not orinar, it does not mean to urinate. We are not reading a passage about a girl who urinates up her room before her friends come to visit. This week in Clases de Inglés con Megan: The boy who urinated and chode his friend.

So that's me, up in that picture at the top. That's the beach where I go on the weekends. I didn't know the picture was being taken so I don't have on my not drowning face, but seriously, look at that water, look at that sky. Now buy a plane ticket and visit me immediately.

Next week begins a new semester of classes for the littluns. I'm teaching 4 to 6, and 7 to 9 year olds, which both frightens me and excites me. I loved the Kids Camp kids to death and was sad to see them go even though it meant they could no longer abuse me. Once I gave in to jumping on the trampoline, ONCE, I was from then onwards a goner. "Teacher Mega, Teacher Mega, ven!" And with those cute little runny noses and sticky fingers I couldn't say no to a five minute break. On the final day I tried to (half-assedly) crack the whip one last time for good measure. Five of the bigger ones and the little one Emiliano swarmed and dragged me from the classroom to the trampoline. It was a scene out of Jaws and I was powerless against those hungry monsters. That's me again in the picture to the left only in this scenario I'm a sea lion.

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