Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just a quick little update. 

After arriving almost two weeks ago I've quickly reinstalled myself into life down here. On my first full day back we boarded the ferry and went to Playa del Carmen because Mono needed something for his bike. It was my first time over there and made Cozumel seem small and home-towney. I ended up buying my own bike, which I haven't fallen off of yet. There she is, the little baby. 

Then after another day or two I'd had about ENOUGH of Mono's apartment, so we spent Sunday biking around town and looking for a new place. We found it, and we've been here for a little over a week now. Below is the angel that looks down on me every night as I sleep. That green thing isome fruit that Mono stole from the his old landlord's tree when the guy told him he wasn't giving him back hisecurity deposit because the lightbulbs had burnt out. The green spikey thing is a plant of some sort that came with the apartment and hasn't died yet. Beneath all of those is Manchas hiding under a little hammock chair because right now the cable guy is drilling holes in our wall and it's hella loud.

That's about it. I'm sweating my balls off here because it's hovering around 100% humidity. Mono and I sometimes go into the duty free shops and try on perfume and cologne to get some air conditioning. The cable guy just set up his ladder and placed his foot on the top part of our open front door to leverage himself onto the roof; I really hope he knowwhat the hell he's doing. Mono and I have been watching lots of World Cup games and going on some bike rides and walks, but not too much else since I just spent way too much on that bike and we're trying to save our dollahz.

Oh my, the cable guy's coming back down, hold your breath he makes it.

The wild animals that I've seen so far include 1. daily lizard sightings in the apartment, 2. two cockroaches in the apartment, one already dead and one I killed with a toilet brush, 3. lots of dead crabs on the sidewalk on my morning walks to the north, 4. a dead tarantula on same walk, 5. an endangered species iguana that Mono tried to catch and accidentally killed and then felt bad about himself.

Also I've had two job interviews, both for teaching online English to students in Russia. They're not full time hours it looks like and they both said it's loseason for students, so we'll see what I get for classewith them. 

The cable guy istill alive in case you were wondering. 

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