Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've been seriously neglecting this thing over the last few weeks for no good reason besides laziness and various other useless excuses. It's just been so HOT here lately. Summer has officially hit and our once cool and refreshing apartment has turned into a scene from every post-Thanksgiving meal you've ever experienced - minus the feasting, but copious amounts of lounging around and concentrated breathing in and out to force yourself through the discomfort. This breathing technique is also due to a cold I've had which makes nasal respiration impossible and I mean come on, what's a girl to do? 

So those are my excuses and I'm sure you all appreciate hearing about what ails me so you're welcome.  

I had the week off from work and start back up tomorrow night, but get this, I'm taking on three kids classes a day at SEA starting next week. I have several reasons for doing this, none of which outweigh the fact that it's going to be hell to have to interact with Matthew again. It's already begun with his harassment via email over the last few days, but I'm only doing it for two months. The reason for that is....

I'm going to AFRICA! I fly to Cape Town I think like the 11th of July and will be spending the next month and a half camping and traveling in a bus mothafu**a to Nairobi. 

This is my route at the right, doesn't it look cutems? Can you imagine how carsick I'm going to get? I'll probably start hating life right around Malawi and may god have mercy on the soul of my seat neighbors. Here's a thought that I haven't wanted to delve too deeply into: what exactly is the the bathroom situation going to be?

Anyway tickets to Cape Town are worth more than I value my life so after putting a serious dent in my savings I decided to take Matthew up on his offer to teach the munchkins. Or as he referred to them in his emails, "the little shits." As in, "why do you want to teach 10 and 11 year olds and not the little shits?" I guess that example isn't really necessary because I imagine you got the gist with the first quote, but just in case you didn't, it's "shits" he's calling them. "Shits." This man has a child. Granted, the boy's living off in China or some such with his mother, but still.

Moving on.  

The reason Matthew needs me to teach is that Julieta and James are leaving. It sort of worked out like this: the two Js decided they were going to leave and found jobs in Vietnam. They were going to tell him today that they were leaving (and then split this weekend because he knows where they live and believe me, he would come by to harass them at their home). BUT before that could happen he fired them last week and told them they had one week left. Perfectly okay because it's the same date they had in mind to leave and now they didn't have to feel bad about slinking away, but also insulting because you're an a-hole Matthew. He was probably thinking about doing this some time before because he's already got a replacement teacher from New Zealand. 

Enough about that, this school makes me crazy and inclined to bitch and moan about all the nastiness but ya, suficiente. 

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