Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh man, sure do love to look back on that previous post where I had just recently quit, and now a week and a half later, I am a new woman!!!

Rahh, cheers.

In all seriousness though, it's been a relief not to have to deal with the drama at that school anymore. I have been filling my days with Manchas who is now so devoted to me that she whines outside the bathroom door during my potty breaks. Bad news is it turns out she has MANGE! I've been trying to take her into the vet this week, but I don't want to get charged a non-local fee so I have to wait for Mono, only he's off in Chetumal doing pull-ups and getting probed for a physical and medical exam he has to do.

Just me and Manchas. Puticlub's off in Mexico City, too.

So what exactly have I been up to? Aside from puppums, I also managed a five day streak of reading a book a day. Right now I'm in the middle of some scary paranormal thing based in Chicago so when it starts to get dark I have to switch to something different since I'm all alone and a wuss. I go for walks, run little errands here and there, you know the drill. I even met some people from Minnesota. I had Mono ask so that he could practice his English, but I knew it even before they said so. I could sense it in the Minnesota Twins shirt he had on.

I've been doing my training for my online teaching job and tomorrow's my trial lesson. As I was saying to Mommy, I'm not sure exactly where the line falls with my new Saudi students. The initial plan I'd written was based around a man who'd had a sex change. All in fun and games, right, just to learn the concept of 'used to'. Mom said no and Jim nee Jane became an ex-superhero instead. The end product is a photo of a man in tights and some excessively snug briefs. Improvement?

Don't remember if this was in the last post, but I made it through round two of the Costa Rica application process, meaning one more interview with the country director on Friday. Even MORE exciting is the interview I got invited to in Athens. That's not for a couple weeks though. Also I decided Russia is out. The interviewer sent me photos of the townish-type-thing which is really more like Santa's Land of Christmas Suicide. The snow in Russia falls mainly in every pitiful corner of your useless existence.

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