Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slow start to the week with almost no one showing up to class due to Carnaval. It's supposed to be quite the occasion here in Coz, one in which you traditionally use up all your lard on hotcakes and commit of unsavory crimes of passion before going into hibernation throughout the course of Lent. On Cozumel so far it seems mostly to mean that even more tourists than usual are invading the Malecón in order to watch nightly parades and miscellaneous acts of debauchery.

Mine hasn't been nearly so wild. This weekend I went to a bar along the start of the parade route and had a few drinks + spicy cacahuates. The intention was then to go back home and pop open a bottle of wine, but while I was slaving away letting Manchas out to pee, Mono fell asleep. I then passive aggressively expressed my annoyance by sitting up another hour (10pm?) reading in the living room, until it became clear that since he was sleeping my efforts would be automatically rendered ineffective.

Until next time.

The plan is to go out tonight since it's the big hammy, motherlode, lunker-if-you-will. Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras. I cancelled my 8pm class and tomorrow morning's at 8am, and am prepared for all chaos to ensue.

Yesterday I had my interview for Costa Rica. The woman I talked to was big-time stereotype but I'm not sure of what and anyway I'm sure she's nice on the inside. Rather negative about the job position though - she seemed to think it was hell on earth to spend your summer leading trips for spoiled North American adolescents. "Every group has that one kid who goes to boarding school and his parents ship him off to a foreign country for the summer and he's not in the least bit interested and he has a 'tude and hasn't successfully established the habit of deodorant." More or less she said that. Also leaders will want and deserve to drink excessively, but it's not allowed, and many group leaders stay after the programs end in order to travel alone - "really it's one of the only good things about this job."

Manchas wants attention.

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