Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phew. Wrote another paragraph of my thesis, break time.

This past week has been sort of important I guess, since I switched my next year plan by about 500 miles from Chiapas to Cozumel. That little sun-burned dot you see on the beach in the map to the right will be me in just a few short months, and I'm expecting un montón de visitors so book your flight and getcho asses on a plane, please.

Never been to Cozumel, never been to Mexico. Never had the tequila-soaked Spring Break of MTV fame, but it looks like that's kind of what I'm headed for as a profession. I'm close to Playa del Carmen and Cancún but I have to say I'm more excited about the prospect of being able to read books next year than I am about spending my days off at Señor Frogs. I already googled book stores on Cozumel and purchased my ticket yesterday afternoon so I'm set.

Also bought my ticket to Chicago on the first of July!!! I'll be spending Independence Day on Nicole and Mike's roof, hopefully with some Spanish wine if I can manage smuggle it into the country. A week or so there, then it's up to Minnesota for at least one visit to the zoo before leaving for Mexico on July 15th. Also need to buy a bathing suit or two since I suspect the only one I owned was forgotten somewhere in a thermal bath in Hungary.

I'm happy it's April because it means exciting things ahead. Two weeks until Semana Santa meaning a whole week of school exchanged for a week with Brittaney and Erica visiting me from NYC and Boston. Then it's just about a month until I have to turn in my thesis (cue nausea), and then I'm off to Chicago for the wedding. Five days in the USA, then one more month in Spain and I'm done. I will be sad to see it go because I feel like it's one of the places that has fit me best among my travels. I've met some really lovely people here, and I love sangría so things just have worked out really nicely. I've about had my fill of 12 hour days though, and it's raining at the moment so that's an automatic glass half full. We shall see if Mexico can do better.

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