Monday, October 4, 2010

Mi Hermano Day-reek

I'm in!!

I worked very hard putting together a nice little Powerpoint about my life and where I'm from and where I've lived, etc. Had I anticipated the reaction to this photo I would have dedicated far more of the presentation to my baby brother.

My first few classes actually went more or less how I expected. I introduced myself, showed my pictures, they asked me questions about the States and places I've traveled, what I think of Madrid, who my favorite footballer is, whether I have a boyfriend - ooohh!! - and the like. Then comes my 12-year-old class and their apparent love of older men: sharp intake of breath and a "Qué fuerte!" was their response to this one.

"In English, please."
"Your brother, he is.. very pretty." This only from the girl nearest me, as the others had dissolved into a sea of giggles and excited whisperings. I had lost their attention, but earned their respect.

"Your brother, how old he have?"
"Your brother, his name what?"
"Your brother, can I see the picture again?"

I spent the first half hour with one half of the class, then there was an eager shuffling of the students in group two as the girls tried for spots in the front row.

"Can we see your brother?"
"We'll get to it guys, take a seat."

And then at the end of the class, from my co-teacher who apparently had spoken to group number one after I'd finished with them:

"How did it go? They said you have a handsome brother. Do I get to see his picture sometime?"

Hey guys, it's nice to meet you, too.

It's good to be on a schedule again though.. although it's coming a little bitterly. I got an email this morning from some Brazilians I met traveling through Madrid on Friday. They're moving onto Salamanca and Barcelona and Valencia and invited me to travel with them. Are you there fate? It's me, pissed. I will have to wait until my death-by-camping trip in two weeks before I travel, and I'm already getting really antsy to get going on it. I have no reason to complain about Madrid but I do spend an inordinate amount of time searching inter-European flights everyday. Perhaps I can squeeze something in over Halloween...

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