Monday, September 6, 2010


Okay, seriously, can we please just all marvel at this picture. Sunset in Puerta del Sol. It was even better in person. This was before we went over to Kristin's apartment and made an authentic Spanish dinner.. I mean, there was chorizo for the meat-eaters as well as a kind of Spanish/Italian/American/French bruschetta. Our kitchen turned into a knock-off Thriller video when the oven began smoking uncontrollably (we somehow also managed to break off both the fridge and freezer doors when we tried opening it). Anyway, cooked our bruschetta up in the pan french toast style, put on some cream cheese (??), piled on the veg, and enjoyed. Another wonderful part of this country is the 1 to 2 euro bottles of wine, which accompanied our olive-oiled madness.

I had the "the perfect moment" earlier in the day when I was
walking through Plaza de España and saw that they were setting up for the Spain v Greece game later that night. Was very excited until I found out it was basketball, but the deejay playing the Pixies (say whaa?!) made up for it. I met an interesting/odd old man who asked me if I saw myself married in ten years and what I was running from in the U.S., then invited me to a language exchange meeting. He's a psicoanalista and said I could tell him about mis problemas mentales. Bahahaah, err, umm.. See you at 7:30 Javier! I'm hoping for a good story.

Last night was meant to be salsa but the 95 degree weather and lack of air conditioning killed it. Laura and I went to the park and read, people watched, and were serenaded by a harpist. Ahh yeah. We're taking off at midnight tonight for Málaga, which is a city on the Mediterranean coast about 7ish hours south of us. Mmm. Sunshine. Beach. Mermaids. Qué buena la vida.

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