Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chicago: Not Too Shabby.

I was reading an ESL blog the other day in which the author advised people to write for themselves. Apparently having a blog of your own keeps you on your toes and forces you to think and innovate, and most important and reassuring to me, will be a cause of future cringing when you look back on your early posts. Which implies improvement, right? Unfortunately we're not they're yet, so I'll just have to look forward to that at a later date.

I thought it would be useful as well to start this before I leave for Spain. Ten days in Poland, then ten months in Madrid for my Masters in Bilingual Ed. and a considerable amount of sangria. My searches for Madrid-based blogs, having to do with the city's culture and life as an expat within it, came up short, so it's lucky we have me now.

My future disinterested followers (hi Mom) will also appreciate seeing her lovely daughter Nicole safe and settled in her new Chicago home. The next-door neighbor owns an incarnation of the devil in the form of a dog, and best of all, as Dad will tell you, Wendy's is a block away. Nicole, Mike, Dad and I went into the city to pick up my visa for Spain and walked through Millenium Park where we betrayed ourselves as out-of-towners by taking photographs with the bean. It's, like, shiny and twists. Nic and Mike, ya done good.

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